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ID-CLASS: USS-CI-2300844
Call Signs: Freelancer, Mountaineer
Alias: Julia Thorne
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 125
Characteristics: L/R Shoulders reverse-jointed, R01 Molar extraction, bullet wound to the left shoulder, severe interal bruising following fight with Allison Doren.
Training/Special Skills: Krav Maga, track and field, Pilates, Linguistics, Theatre Arts, and electromagnetic lock picking.
Languages: English (various dialects), French, Taiwanese, Mandarin, Hebrew, Arabic, Japanese, Italian, Russian, Hungarian, Uzbek, Urdu, and German.
Education: Masters in English Literature, graduated in February of 2003.
Experience: Recruited Fall of her 26th year, first generation (possible test subject) of Jack Bristow's, Project Christmas Program.

Father: Jack Bristow
Mother: Laura Bristow (aka Irina Derevko)
Half-sister: Nadia Santos
Aunts: Katya Derevko, Elena Derevko

History with SD-6 and the CIA:
Approached what she believed to be CIA in her freshman year in college and was recruited by Arvin Sloane. Learned about a terrorist organization called SD-6 and continued to work with the "CIA" for seven years before she learned the true nature of the organization and her father's involvement: They are a part of SD-6.

Went to the CIA and worked as a double agent to dismantle SD-6, a sub organization of The Alliance. Agent Michael Vaughn was assigned as her handler and with her father, and Agent Dixon, The Alliance was destroyed.

Was presumed dead by everyone close to her, following a fatal fight with Allison -- a spy from a terrorist organization called The Covenant. In her missing time, Sydney was abducted and tortured by members of The Covenant, made CIA contact when she escaped and continued to work deep under cover to protect her loved ones. She had her memory erased to bury information about Rambaldi's DNA.

She returned to find out that everyone has moved on, including Agent Michael Vaughn who married fellow agent, Lauren Reed. After The Covenant was brought down, Sydney Bristow was later recruited by APO.

Personal Details:
FiancÚ Danny Hecht (deceased 2001), had relationship with Noah Hicks (deceased 2002), currently engaged to Michael Vaughn

Close friends: Francie Calfo (deceased, replaced by Covenant spy, Allison), Will Tippin (under Witness Protection Program)

Requested to investigate Michael Vaughn when he was under suspicion as a double agent; refused to make disk image of his hard drive based on her love for him.

Found her half-sister in a Chechnyan prison and now shares an apartment with her.

ID-CLASS: USS-CI-2300682
Place of Birth: London, Ontario, Canada
Height: 6'2"
Weight: 195
Characteristics: Left-handed, able to withstand electric shock torture to keep from revealing his and Sydney's cover, possible health impact from electroshock torture from Anthony Greiger - but nothing of note at this writing.
Training/Skills: Physics, Aeronautics, Engineering, Game Theory, Cryptology, Linguistics.
Languages: English, Russian, Chinese, Spanish, and Arabic.
Education: Doctorate, LAS

Wife: Laura Bristow (aka Irina Derevko)
Daughter: Sydney Bristow

Employment Background:
Recruited to the CIA in 1970 with Arvin Sloane. Went to SD-6 with Sloane when the alliance was formed in 1991. Though continually employed by the CIA, he claimed - as part of his cover with Sloane - that he was disillusioned with the U.S. Government, that it was corrupt. Felt the Alliance would succeed in global dominance.

Cover job for SD-6 was an airplane parts exporter at Jennings Aerospace until 2001, when his cover officially became "portfolio manager" at Credit Dauphine. Was under suspicion in 1981 for being connected to Laura Bristow, aka Irina Derevko, a KGB agent. The CIA and FBI cleared him of any wrongdoing.

Continues as a full time CIA Agent following the downfall of SD-6; takes control of operational task force inside the Rotunda after Irina escapes from custody. Loses control after assigning Sydney and Vaughn to an off-the-books mission at the Marseilles server farm in the hope of clearing Will's name and finding the identity of the second double.

Declined offer to rejoin Sloane in his search to discover unknown mysteries of Rambaldi, although continues to work with him in APO, another black ops CIA division.

Personal Details:
Widowed until Derevko turned herself in. Technically still married to her since the marriage was never annulled. Was instrumental in maintaining his daughter's status as double agent. Subjected his daughter to the Project Christmas training program intended to train children as sleeper agents. Worked with his daughter to bring SD-6 down.

Initially refused to speak with Irina Derevko when she turned herself in. After finding out that she had ordered a contract on their daughter's life, he killed who he thought was Irina. Also found out that Irina had an affair with Sloane. Worked with Sloane to find the daughter who resulted from this affair.

Found out that the person he killed was a clone, and that Irina had been loyal. Jack got involved in a mission that saved Irina from her sister's plans of fulfilling the Rambaldi end game. Often, Jack's motivating factor is the protection of his daughter, Agent Sydney Bristow

ID-CLASS: USS-CI-2300922
Case Status: Clean.
Place of Birth: Minneapolis, Minnesota
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 195
Race: African-American
Characteristics: Red-Green color blindness in left eye
Training/Special Skills: Kung Fu, linguistics, finance analysis, cryptology
Languages: English, Taiwanese, Sudanese (Dinka/Nubian/Beja), Hebrew, Arabic
Education: Sarah Lawrence, BS Business, MIT Post-Graduate studies in Computer Science

Wife: Diane Dixon (deceased)
Children: Robin, Steven

Personal Details:
Married Diane on May 12, 1983. Widowed March of 2003. After many years of grieving for his wife's death, he now shares a mutual attraction with Director Hayden Chase, who oversees APO's operations.

Instrumental in bringing down The Alliance; confirmed SD security code that allowed CIA raid for twelve cells. Accidentally shoots Emily Sloane while on a CIA mission. Resulting guilt causes him to file for a transfer. Transfer is rescinded after personal review.

Investigated by Judy Barnett for possible drug addiction, as reported by Michael Vaughn. Passed his drug test, but admits to switching the results. Severe coping problems/anger management issues following the death of his wife: refuses to take time off until Sloane is captured; beats Emilio Vargas nearly to death (though according to Sydney Bristow's report, the violence was justified since they obtained a solid lead on the Di Regno heart); threatens to blow up the Cartagena docks unless the mercenaries tell him where the heart is (later revealed to be a ruse).

During the two years that agent Bristow was presumed dead, Dixon was promoted to director of the Joint Task Force on Intelligence. He was one of the few people informed that Sydney Bristow is alive and is working deep undercover. Later stepped down as director feeling a need to get back in the field where he felt he belonged.

He accepted a position at APO and keeps a close eye on Arvin Sloane - the man who lied to him for eleven years and is responsible for his wife's death.

ID-CLASS: 30408-12650
Date of Birth: 12/29/1971
APO Call Sign: Merlin
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 145
Sex: M
Race: Caucasian
Training/Special Skills: Engineering, Physics, Inventing
Languages: English, Ewok
Education: Ph. D, Cal Tech (Robot Physics)

Wife: Carrie Bowman
Son: Mitchell
Mother's Maiden Name: Feldman

Recruited into SD-6 in 1997 and became head of Op Tech Engineering. Went to his very first field mission in London with Sydney, also the first time he is out of California.

Following the fall of SD-6, he accepted a position at the real CIA in 2003, where he was later shot by Lauren Reed to infiltrate the headquarters for the Joint Task Force on Intelligence.

After three years, he was "arrested" for misuse of government assets. Later learned that it was a ruse to bring him into APO, where he was reunited with friends and coworkers who "resigned" from the CIA for various reasons.

Personal Details:
Had a crush on Sydney, is afraid to fly, tendency to sweat at intimate moments like first kisses. Recently married and had a child with NSA agent Carrie Bowman.

Meta Keywords: Flinkman, Marshall, Friedman, Finerman, Feldman

PROFILE: Santos, Nadia
Place of Birth: Moscow, Russia
Father: Arvin Sloane
Mother: Irina Derevko
Half-sister: Sydney Bristow
Aunts: Katya Derevko, Elena Derevko
Education: Unknown
Languages: English, Spanish, Russian
Current Location: Los Angeles

Personal History:
Dr. Jong Lee experimented on Nadia as a young girl, using the Rambaldi elixir to try and make her reveal the equation that would lead to Rambaldi's Sphere of Life. CIA agent and Rambaldi follower William Vaughn rescued Nadia and brought her to an orphanage ran by Sophia Vergara.

Nadia later ran away from the orphanage after saving a friend from a child predator. On the streets, she meets Cesar Martinez and builds a reputation as small-time criminals. After being arrested in her late teens, a man named Roberto Fox visited her in jail with an offer to work for the Argentine Intelligence. Later, Nadia realizes that Fox was running an illegal operation under the guise of working for the government. Nadia confronts and shoots him.

Six years later, Nadia was on her first deep-cover assignment in a Chechnyan prison, and was found by Agent Sydney Bristow, her half-sister. Started working for the APO and is dating Agent Eric Weiss.

Currently in critical condition after being subjected to Rambaldi's device and battling her sister close to death. Shot by her father, Arvin Sloane.

ID-CLASS: 30408-00811
Present Location: Los Angeles
Date of Birth: 10/31/50
Place of Birth: Brooklyn, NY, USA
Height: 5'10"
Weight: 175
Sex: M
Race: Caucasian
Wife: Emily Sloane
Daughter: Nadia Santos
Mother's Maiden Name: Bishop

Training/Special Skills: World history, Linguistics
Languages: English, French, Hebrew, Spanish, Russian
Education: Doctorate in Linguistics, m. Finance
Experience: Recruit, 01-25-69.

Personal Details:
Obsession with Milo Rambaldi motivated him to commit many terrorist acts over four decades. Beginning over 30 years earlier when he joined the Army Corps of Engineers, he started on a long journey to discover Rambaldi's endgame and fulfill his personal vision. He continued to collect Rambaldi artifacts, and justify his actions when he found out that he is part of Rambaldi's master plans.

Spouse, Emily Sloane deceased in 2002, alive in 2003, and once again deceased in 2003. Had an affair with Irina Derevko and a relationship with CIA psychiatrist Dr. Judy Barnett. Believes himself to be Sydney Bristow's real father. Former head of SD-6, he turned himself in to the CIA, providing information that was used to dismantle more than two dozen terrorist cells. He also claims to have given up his Rambaldi lust and fashioned himself a philanthropist and humanitarian through Omnifam, a world health organization. Found out that he had a child with Irina Derevko, named Nadia Santos, whom he used to locate a Rambaldi artifact. He later saved his daughter from The Covenant, and convinced her to join his newly formed APO unit in Los Angeles.

He is now heading APO under the suspicious and watchful eyes of the CIA, Marcus Dixon, Sydney and Jack Bristow.


ID-CLASS: USS-CI-2300784
Case Status: Pending
Present Location: Los Angeles
Date of Birth: 04/17/68
Place of Birth: Los Angeles, CA, USA
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 200
Sex: M
Race: Caucasian
Charecteristics Shot by Irina Derevko in the neck.
Languages: English, Spanish
Education: BS. Economics
Experience: Recruit, 11-1997
Mother's Maiden Name: Blumberg
Personal Details On medical leave September 2002 through January 2003. Assists Agents Bristow and Vaughn in Nice Mission, duplicating missile guidance gyroscope. Always exhibits fierce loyalty to his friends and is currently dating Nadia Santos.